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Luxury Hand Madecakes
We would love to be part of your event, adding our sparkle and glamour to your wedding. All our cakes are custom handmade, freshly baked before the day with abundance of love and effort to create a unique showpiece for every bride and groom. Our prices reflect this and we strive to provide excellent quality at competitive prices to all our customers.

All Cakes Are 100% Halal

All our cakes are handmade in house using only halal ingredients and kitchen environment so you can be 100% assured we are committed to providing a strict food policy and service on all our amazing wedding cakes.

Eggless Cake Specialists

Taste our secret, after years of development and tasting we have formulated a unique recipe baking our wedding cakes completely egg free while keeping its super soft sponge taste and texture. We now cater to all dietary requirements vegetarian, vegan, eggless, nut free, allergies. Contact us today for more details.

Committed to providing a memorable experience from design to finish. We are recognised and recommended in the industry, to deliver exceptional service and grandeur wedding cakes

Crystal Collection

From £ 399 /
  • Delivery & Complete Setup
  • Table Decor & Illuminated Lighting
  • Pure Glass Crystal Stand
  • Stand Collection after Event

Flower Banquet

From £ 449 /
  • Delivery & Complete Setup
  • Table Decor & Candles
  • Tiered Flower Base
  • Stand Collection after Event

Hanging /Structure

From £ 899 /
  • Delivery & Complete Setup
  • Table Decor & Rose Flowers
  • Floor Candles & Illuminated Lighting
  • Event Management Service
  • Structure Stand Collection after Event

Where to start?

Choosing the right wedding cake is important, as it adds to the glamour and theme of your wedding. The combinations of choices can be endless; here are some questions to be considered when selecting your cake to help you make the right choice.

  • What shape of cake is required? (Square/Round/Cupcake-size?)
  • Do you require an iced, white wedding cake or fresh cream cake?
  • Do you want any additional cupcakes alongside your wedding cake?
  • Do you have an idea of your required size of wedding cakes, based on guests and serving portions? (Have a look at our servings chart below to help you decide the number of cakes required)
  • Would you like flowers incorporated into your design? If so, what colour and type?
  • Do you have a specific colour theme in mind, to match the venue décor and most importantly, your wedding dress?
  • Do you know what type of cake display you require?
  • (Crystal Collection / Flower Tiered Bouquet / Hanging Structure / Ghost Table)
The chart will help you roughly estimate the number of servings required, based on the size and shape of cake you select, Small, Medium or Large cake:


  • Victoria Sponge
  • Lemon Zest
  • Chocolate Bliss
  • Luxury Red Velvet
  • Intense Cupcake
  • Fresh Cream Cake